Standard Donation

Standard Donation -NO RAIN OUT DATE No Refunds of Donations!
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Standard - $300

• 1 Poker Hands

• 2 All Access Bracelets

• Official 2023 Tickfaw 200 Poster/Map

• Welcome Bag

Entrants and participants, by execution of this disclaimer, release and discharge Tickfaw 200 Charities, Inc, Blood River, LLC, their affiliates, owners and board members from any liability for any and all known or unknown damages, injuries, losses, judgements, and/or claims from any causes whatsoever that may be suffered by an entrant or participant or to his/her personal property occurring while a participant of this event or while on the property. Every boat is required to have liability insurance and abide by all of the regulations by authorities.

I fully understand that this Event DOES NOT RAIN OUT. All entry fees are good for the date of this event only and is not refundable. I understand that if I do not meet the minimum stop requirements I will not be able to participate. I also understand that if I am unable to complete the run and have met the minimum stop requirements, I can designate someone to draw my card as long as they have the ID Badge.

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